Poultry feeding and drinking system

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Cavenco, a market leader in feeding and drinking system for poultry houses, knows the importance of having an efficient and optimal system that helps to obtain the maximum performance. We have equipment for layers, turkey and chicken farms.

We offer the full variety of feeding systems for the perfect development of your animals. We also give a personalized advisor services for the profitability of your farm.

poultry food and drink

Poultry farm feeders

We design a specific service for each farm, being sure that our animals receive the amount of feed and drink necessary for their fattening, and also with the appropriate frequency; Optimum management and conservation of feed and water is essential to meet the established productivity objectives. As well as to avoid losses due to wasted food. Our products are easy for cleaning and maintenance.

poultry farm feeders
poultry farm feeders
poultry farm feeders


The Cavenco nipple is studied to meet the highest demands of the poultry market in the 21st century:

  • Quality: Constructed with top quality virgin material.
  • Flow: Variable depending on the different weights, climates and altitude.
  • Accuracy: Quality Control by a computer that dismisses any deficiency.
  • Set: Easy assembly and regulation.
poultry farm waterers


Thanks to our experts, Cavenco developed solutions for optimal feed conservation under any weather condition. And not only for storage, but for a perfect distribution of it throughout the entire internal system of your farm


We have a wide variety of models, with corrugated sheet, smooth sheet, polyester and lacquered sheet, so you can find the most appropriate option for your needs. In terms of capacity, we have silos from 5 tons to more than 20 tons.

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